Today's sophisticated consumer expects to enjoy a high quality product, delivered in a friendly manner in convenient locations. Equally is important the food experience to them. This accurately reflects our customer base, and Cakes & Bakes is uniquely positioned to meet the demands of this target market.

Our recipes have been tested and refined to produce on the very highest quality product. We use the finest ingredients to make them tastier and healthier. Our Brand is Our Location. Cakes & Bakes are typically located in high traffic locations throughout city which are easily approachable to the customers. Our staff goes through intense and comprehensive training. They are knowledgeable in all areas of our business. Most importantly they are trained to provide extremely high quality service that focuses on meeting the needs of our customers.


The moment you step into the bakery... the scent of Cakes, Pastries, Biscuits and many more Bakery Products catches your attention. At Cakes & Bakes, we give you more than just great Cakes and Pastries, we give you an experience. All of our Bakery products are made by master bakers. We have created this same experience in all our stores. The aroma of our fresh bakery products provides you with joy and you enjoy them truly. Our "Fresh to You" service demonstrates the care and quality that goes into all of our fresh made taste temptations.

We are also expanding through Franchising. A wider menu is being developed for these locations to serve better than the best.